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Fugro Seacore’s mission is to be the world's leading overwater Marine Drilling Contractor, providing geotechnical services and specialist foundation solutions for the marine construction, renewables, oil, gas and mining industries worldwide.  To secure this objective we focus on:

Provision of professional and effective personnel working to the highest standards of safety.

Provision of task-focused equipment to deliver the objective safely and predictably.

Working with clients to produce innovative solutions to secure excellence in both safety and quality of service.

Fugro Seacore is a specialist overwater drilling and marine construction contractor established for over 34 years, currently employing 320 experienced employees.  Pioneering engineering techniques combined with a fresh innovative approach to every project has made Fugro Seacore a market leader. Operating in numerous niche markets both nearshore and offshore all over the world, Fugro Seacore’s success is partly attributable to the Company’s unique ability to design, develop and operate its own equipment, meaning each contract is approached with tools tailor-made to suit likely and often exceptional scenarios.

A sound safety record, comprehensive quality assurance and environmental sensitivity, has led to successful contracts with a wide variety of clients, including industry giants BP and Shell.  We are equally comfortable in the role of Principal Contractor, Subcontractor or working within a Joint Venture. 

Fugro Seacore’s main office is based in Falmouth, Cornwall, in a new purpose-built facility. The 7 acre site comprises offices, state of the art fabrication & maintenance workshop and a specialist blast and paint spraying facility.

With a fleet of jackup barges and bespoke geotechnical and construction drills, we are able to undertake both site investigation and construction work in the most hostile and technically demanding environments. Flexibility and substantial plant resources will always ensure cost-effective solutions to marine engineering problems. Specialising in large diameter drilling services, we always seek to expand the parameters of drilling technology. In completing a 6.5m diameter shaft in 2009, we have created the largest drilled marine socket in the world.