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Rodman Panama

Rodman Terminal Panama

Fugro Seacore Ltd (FSCL) was contacted in early December 2009 when it was understood that Alvarado & During/Vergel & Castellanos Consortium in Panama were having difficulties with their piling works at the new Rodman Terminal site. Works had started some 2 months previously on installing 5 rows of 50 piles, but they had met significant refusal in certain locations.

After swift negotiations FSCL agreed a deal and the drilling equipment was mobilised on site from the UK by the start of February 2010. Three different pile sizes were being used on site: 1016mm, 1112mm and 1219mm O.D. which meant that along with FSCL’s modified B5 pile top drill, the company also supplied the drills bits, BHA’s, stabilisers and gripper cans to suit all three pile sizes.

Following initial drilling on the previously driven piles, pile toe damage was discovered and it was necessary that the driving parameters were altered to avoid further damage, which meant that more pile drilling was required. Drilling conditions were difficult, with a bed of basalt rock armour pre-placed over soft silty sediments above layers of Sandstone and in some cases hard Dacite. Added to this was the fact that some piles had already been cut so short that the Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) couldn’t even fit into the pile and so the drill string had to be adapted just to start the short sockets, but all these issues were overcome with ease.

The works were successfully finished late in 2010 with A & D Project Manager Juan Carlos Alvarado scoring us 9/10 in our customer satisfaction survey, adding that not only would he use us again in the future but would also recommend our services to others.